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Atlas Autism Health child
Atlas Autism Health child
Atlas Autism Health child

Empower your child to navigate the world around them.

At Atlas, we celebrate the unique qualities of every child. Our play-based ABA program is tailored to support your child's developmental goals.

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At Atlas, we customize our curriculum to the unique learning needs of every child. We use a variety of evidence-based techniques based on principles of behavior and developmental science.






Atlas Autism Health was awarded the highest level of accreditation by Behavioral Health Center of Excellence® (BHCOE®) as a leader in high-quality, center-based early intervention resources for young children with autism.

Our program

ABA-based learning and therapy

We offer play-based learning and therapy for preschool-aged children diagnosed with autism.

Our comprehensive School-Readiness Therapeutic Early-Intervention Program (STEP) helps children with autism develop the fundamental skills to be successful in a school environment.

Preschool-like setting

Individualized plan

School preparedness

Group play activities

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Our Approach

We’ve built care that’s right for kids.

At Atlas, we are committed to meet each child where they are developmentally and help them grow through individualized learning plans and play-based therapy. Our collaborative team provides developmental learning to support school readiness and healthy development in children.

Our therapy focuses on supporting children reach their developmental goals through play and social relationships.

Caregivers and parents will learn alongside their child so that they may reinforce learning moments at home and in the community.


Autism Diagnostic and Assessment Services

If you have concerns or questions about how your young child is learning, growing, or developing or you think your child might benefit from testing for autism or other developmental conditions, acting early makes a difference.

Atlas now offers autism diagnostic and assessment services. Atlas' clinicians bring multiple years of experience in assessing, testing, and evaluating young children.

Above all, our clinicians prioritizes understanding where families are in their journey and meeting them in that place with compassion. If you are interested in an Autism assessment, call Atlas Autism Health at 573-203-3699 or visit the Get Started page.

Atlas Autism Health child

Comprehensive autism care and learning

Your child deserves access to the highest quality care and here’s how we make it happen.


We only utilize evidence based practices that have been proven effective with strong clinical evidence. All of our programs are overseen by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

Naturalistic, play-based learning

Our therapy focuses on helping children learn the ways that they are naturally wired to learn, through play, relationships and social interactions. Our clinicians have received advanced training and/or certification in Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions, which include Early Start Denver Model and Pivotal Response Training.

Partnerships with Families

At Atlas, we believe that you are the foremost authority on your child's needs, and we are here as your steadfast partner in delivering the most compassionate care and effective treatment.We will engage in frequent parent coaching and collaboration meetings to ensure we are working together to support your child’s development inside and outside the center.

If you’re looking for more information about our program or services, we’d love to help.

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