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our approach

We offer play-based learning for children diagnosed with autism

Atlas Autism Health focuses on helping children learn the ways that they are naturally wired to learn, through play, relationships and social interactions.

Our model


Our therapy focuses on helping children learn the ways that they are naturally wired to learn, through play, relationships and social interactions. Our clinicians have received advanced training and/or certification in Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions, which include Early Start Denver Model and Pivotal Response Training.

Specialists for Young Children

We specialize in early intervention, serving children 2 - 7 years of age with an autism diagnosis. Our care model and centers are designed to support the unique developmental needs of young children with autism.

Tailored Care

We believe that the best outcomes are achieved by tailoring interventions to each child based on their specific needs and learning goals.

Parent Training

We know parents are the most important member of any child's team and we believe in working with families to share and teach our principles so they can use them to support their child's development.


Studies have established that 25+ hours of weekly treatment facilitate optimal outcomes for children with autism. Therapy hours are based on individual needs and we will work with you and your child to determine the best program for your child.


We only utilize evidence based practices that have been proven effective with strong clinical evidence. All of our programs are overseen by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

Getting Started

Atlas has 5 simple steps to onboard families

Step 1: Tell us a little about you and your child

Fill out a quick intake form to tell us more about you and your child. We’ll then do our homework to organize resources and information ahead of an initial welcome call.

Step 2: We’ll schedule a welcome consult

We’ll organize a welcome consult to discuss your goals and your child’s needs. We also want to answer additional questions about our program. We will also partner with you to complete administrative tasks, including insurance, authorization, scheduling, so that you don’t have to navigate this alone.

Step 3: We’ll then complete a comprehensive assessment and customized plan

We’ll get to know you and your child in a variety of settings. This may involve caregiver interviews, in-home visits, and community-based observations. We will collaborate with you to build a set of goals and an individualized care plan. Then, we’ll work with you to begin services as soon as possible. 

Step 4: We’ll celebrate progress and have fun

We use evidence-based naturalistic approaches, including Early Start Denver Model and Pivotal Response Training, to foster your child’s development.  We also use objective tools to track and measure progress across a variety of milestones. We’ll partner closely with you to celebrate the progress and adapt the care plan. Through it all, your child will have a lot of fun!

Step 5: We will support you throughout the journey

We will meet with you regularly to listen to you, support you, and build your skills. Throughout our School-Readiness Therapeutic Early-Intervention Program (STEP), you will learn alongside your child so that you may reinforce learning moments at home and in the community. We are also here to coordinate with your child’s medical, therapy, and educational teams. As your child prepares to graduate from our pgoram, we will coordinate with school professionals and other community resources to ensure a smooth graduation!

What to expect

You’re not just a time slot

Every child's program is individualized, but there are a few things you can expect to occur throughout treatment:


Before starting services, we'll conduct a behavioral assessment on your child to identify specific areas of strengths and barriers. This assessment takes place with our BCBAs and will break language and related skills down into different skill areas, such as expressive language, motor skills, social skills and more. We will also analyze any behavior barriers affecting your child's learning. After completing the assessment and determining the baseline, we will create an individualized treatment plan, and recommend weekly treatment hours. Once we review the reports with you, we'll finalize your child's schedule and begin services.


In the first week or two, your child's team will be trained and will start implementing individual goals using various methods that are best suited for your child (naturalistic, social group, structured trials). Our team will work on building rapport with your child, while our BCBAs will provide direct supervision, guide the technicians, and adjust the programs based on progress.


Our BCBAs will set up meetings and parent training sessions with you at least once a month. You'll also receive updates on your child's treatment plan based on their progress met to date.

Quarterly and Onward

Every six months, our BCBAs will reassess your child's learning goals and development and develop a new treatment plan, which will be reviewed with you. Throughout each quarter, you will be provided with an additional report which includes progress and descriptions of all current treatment goals.

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